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Taco Catering

When you are planning a big party, you have a lot to worry about. Why worry about the food when you can leave it to the professional taco catering services of Ricos Tacos Tepa in the Union City, CA area? Our professional chefs will create you the finest Mexican food to serve your party. You don’t have to worry about any of the food, and this enables you to save your time and energy for the other details of the party.


We are the taco catering company of choice for parties of all sizes. We serve at weddings, baptisms, baby showers, and birthday parties, just to name a few of the special events we cater! Of course, we can come to any type of event; you just let us know when and where and we will be there.


You will find that we are the most affordable taco catering services in the Union City, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose areas. Our prices are perfect for parties both big and small, and this enables to put your worries to rest about dealing with the food for your gathering.


We know how important the food you serve at your party is. It’s often the focal point of the party. The wrong food can set the wrong tone and send your whole party down the wrong road. When you hire us for taco catering though, you don’t have to worry about that at all! We will work hard to provide you with the highest quality Mexican foods, whether it’s tacos, burritos, or your other favorite Mexican foods.


If you are ready to plan your party, call us to get your reservations for our catering services. Our professionals will operate with the utmost respect at your party, helping you to have the professional image you desire while serving the highest quality Mexican foods in the area. Call us for your appointment today!

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